July 13th | Foodstyling & Photography Workshop

July 13th | Foodstyling & Photography Workshop


Join me for a one day intensive workshop to learn the fundamentals of Food Styling and Photography.

You may be an amateur food photographer or a blogger wanting to up your game. Maybe you’re considering food styling or food photography as a career; or maybe you just want to learn something new and spend the day around creative people playing with food!

I want to empower you to find your own style within your craft and elevate your vision to levels you may have not seen.

From preparing the food, to choosing the props and styling the image, I’ll teach you how to make the dishes look perfect and all the tips and tricks in between.

I will also teach you the basic camera techniques, how to use natural light, aperture, ISO, white balance, post processing and file sharing.  

You’ll also get a chance to shoot the food we create,  so don’t forget to bring your camera gear. You don’t even need a fancy camera. You’ll be surprised at what you can shoot with very basic gear!

I will help you gain hands-on experience in basic food styling, and choosing prop and surface selections that showcase your food.

This will take place in my home studio in Williamsburg.

Recommended equipment:

Digital SLR camera or other camera, possibly a tripod and a laptop as well

Participant costs: $350 (includes workshop, lunch, food & props)

All levels welcome. Limited to 12 participants.

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